How the inspiration to visualize DVS’s Slack channels turned into creating a whole Slack application

When I joined the DVS in February of 2019, the amount of activity on DVS’s Slack was thrilling! I met incredible friends, shared various dataviz projects, learned A LOT and fanboyed/fangirled over some of my favourite data visualization practitioners. In fact, I got so inspired by our vibrant Slack community that I joined the board.

The DVS grew to over 17,000+ members in the last two years and with this monumental expansion, the amount of Slack channels also grew. We currently have 70+ channels in our workspace — that’s two pages of scrolling to see them all!

First published in the Central Ontario Newfoundland Dog Club in August 2020.

I grew up in Soviet Russia in the 1980’s and remember the kinds of dogs the neighbours in my apartment complex would cherish. There was Lemon, an Airedale terrier down the hall, and our friends on the floor below us had a Riesenschnauzer (a giant black dog that was shaved every summer). Soviet people seemed to adore giant dogs. One giant dog I did not meet in our apartment complex but knew about none-the-less was the Newfoundland. My mother had a friend with a Newfoundland dog that once…

Image Credit: Pixabay

Several years ago I was questioning my career trajectory and, as any lost soul on the internet often does, decided to go on a digital journey to learn more about myself. I came across many self-help tools and strategies and decided to share my favourite ones below:

Myers Briggs Test

Insights: These tests are enlightening for two reasons. First, you learn about your own personality. Are you introverted and sensitive? Maybe public speaking is not your dream gig. Are you highly analytical? Have that “J” on the end of your four letters? I bet your house is organized. This test provides very useful…

Julia Krolik

Founder — Pixels and Plans | Founder — Art the Science | Partnerships Director — Data Visualization Society | ENTP

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