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  • Elba Ornelas

    Elba Ornelas

    Designing for people to live healthier lives @League | polywork.com/dossiette

  • Vitaliy Trenkenshu

    Vitaliy Trenkenshu

  • Adam Fortais

    Adam Fortais

    I'm thiiis close to having a PhD in physics and hope to use it to write stories. Find me in Canada and at www.scientificanada.ca

  • Alice Fleerackers

    Alice Fleerackers

    Alice is a writer, editor, and researcher who is interested in science communication, psychology, and spoon carving. More at: alicefleerackers.com

  • dada olayinka

    dada olayinka

  • Ashish Singh

    Ashish Singh

    Co-founder of ScatterPie Analytics | Former Data Analyst @BCG | All things data-visualization | Blogs at http://doingdata.org

  • Sally Kerr

    Sally Kerr

    Digital, data & innovation, arts, communicator, founder of @EdinburghApps, co-founder @EdiLivingLab. French Horn playing for fun.

  • Kris Lyon

    Kris Lyon

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